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Roller Shutter

Providing excellent harmony with all projects, ERWİN Blinds Systems offer ideal solutions for your architectural and decorational expectations with their Roller Blinds frame not projecting out the building exterior wall as well as their options of lamination cover of natural wood pattern, aesthetic look and functionalities. .

With this mullion rail profile, it is possible to create blind systems having two or more divisions.
Removable blind frame cover allows maintenance and cleaning even after mounting.
Roller insect blind in the 23 cm frame is possible. In the 19 cm blind there is the casette system. When there is need it can be removed for applications The Roller Blinds provides excellent heat insulation in the places it is used due to its in-frame insulation feature. As PVC window profile formulation is used for its production, its resistance against challenging natural conditions and sunlight has excellent performance.
Fıratpen Blind Systems are integrated and operate excellently as all their parts are produced by us. They may be used by remote control and manually.

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Systemprospekt   S 8000

Systemprospekt   S 9000